The Transit Alliance ( is a non-political organization for those who work in the transit and infrastructure industry, students, or those interested in transit and transit planning in cities across Southern Ontario. Our mission is to connect those within the transit industry in Southern Ontario, to share knowledge, ideas, and information by creating informative events. We work to educate the public about the successes within the transit industry – both in operations and infrastructure. Become a member, volunteer, donate or share our posts.

The Transit Alliance is always looking for people to assist in our campaigns.

There are 5 tiers to helping out.

Level 1. Like us on Facebook and Share on Twitter

Please help us spread the word and share on your social networks. The best way to spread our message across the web. Like our Facebook page. Share our posts on your favourite social media sites. Become part of our Twitter Team. You can help spread support for Transit Expansion by sharing, re-tweeting with your friends, family, colleagues, and followers. With your help we can reach out to more citizens that are being affected by gridlock. Follow us on Twitter: @TransitAlly. Click here to go to go to our Twitter account page…

Level 2. Sign Our Pledge

Add your voice to the ever-growing movement. Our pledge is shown to politicians as proof that there is support behind dedicated transit funding. Sign our pledge to help support dedicated transit funding and revenue tools for transit expansion and operations in Ontario.

Level 3. Volunteer

Become a Volunteer. Even a few hours a month can go far. We are looking for volunteers to help with communications, research, strategy, outreach, fundraising and general office administration. If you would like to join the Transit Alliance campaign and help us bring subways to our city please contact us here and someone will be in touch with you. Thank you!

Level 4. Make a Donation

For the price of lunch, you can contribute to our campaign. Please donate. Anything counts. Thank You! The larger donations start at $250.00 and you become a member of TTA as well.

Level 5. Become a Member and/or Attend our Fundraising Events

To become an affiliate member of the Transit Alliance, receive invitations to our transit events, and updates on issues surrounding transit funding, please become a member or make a larger donation to our campaigns. The larger donations start at $250.00. This is the top tier of assisting the TTA. Alternatively, you can become a member by attending our ticketed transit events.