TA on Transit and Urban Issues

TA with Jaye Robinson


Adam Vaughan – Liberal – Spadina Fort York
Sarah Climenhaga – Green Party – Toronto St Pauls
Mike Sullivan – former NDP MP – York South
Jay Watts – central campaign manager communist party of Canada
Steve Rutchinski – Marxist Leninist party
Moderated by – Brian Crombie

The discussion was wide ranging and covered: -Transit vision of the different parties

⁃ the new to take politics out of transit
⁃ Should transit be free
⁃ Should transit be public or is their a role for public private partnerships
⁃ What about burying the Gardner expressway
⁃ Should the DVP and Gardiner he tolled
⁃ Are congestion charges a good idea
⁃ Downtown relief line or the newly proposed ontario line

The discussion was also broadcast on Oct 15th at 7pm on Sauga 960 AM.
You can listen live Brian Crombie Hour here: https://sauga960am.ca/. Sauga 960 AM


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