Brian Crombie frequently speaks on Community and the Power of Co: what he believes is the secret to economic development and entrepreneurship; and his ten-step process to building stronger organizations, teams, companies and communities. Brian has also studied, written, spoken and conducted workshops or seminars on:

  • Social Capital, economic development and entrepreneurship,
  • Ikigai – How to find your Purpose and Meaning in Life,
  • City building, urban development and city branding,
  • Transformational Transit for the GTA,
  • Leadership and change management,
  • The Importance of the Arts: What we Celebrate We Become,
  • Shareholder value analysis, M&A and post-acquisition integration, and
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Corporate Finance and Shareholder Valuation.
Brian has spoken to community groups, corporate groups, university undergrad and master’s classes and conferences, fashion and arts shows, political and religious organizations. He has run seminars / workshops with corporate and community / service group organizations. Please consider booking Brian for your next convention, conference, dinner, retreat or seminar.

Brian brings his unique combination of twenty years of corporate experience in finance, M&A and strategy, a Doctorate in Business (ABD) research focusing on Social Capital and Economic Development and his significant community work as Chair Transit Alliance, President Mississauga Arts Council, Co-chair of the Mississauga Summit and Chair the Western GTA Summit to his passionate belief that it is community that makes all the difference. He also has spoken about a political and a religious aspect to this concept with different audiences. Brian is a passionate, articulate, experienced, deep thinking; but practical speaker. He will motivate, provoke and get your audience moving, whether it’s a company, a group, an organization or an entire community.

Brian Crombie is available to speak or conduct workshops on the following topics:

  • Community and the Power of Co
  • Social Capital
  • Ikigai – How to find your Purpose and Meaning in Life
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Making a difference in your community
  • Transformational Transit for the GTA
  • The Importance of the Arts: What we Celebrate We Become
  • Economic Development
  • City Branding
  • Change Management
  • Resonate Leadership
  • The Theory of Intentional Change
  • Shareholder Value Maximization
  • The Seven Deadly Sins of Corporate Finance and Shareholder Value Analysis
  • M&A
  • Post-merger integration
  • My experience on a Murder Jury
  • My personal perspectives on political success
  • Saint Paul, the Community Builder
  • Obama and the power of the grass roots
  • Sour to high heights
  • And other economic development, entrepreneurship, leadership, strategy and finance issues
Brian Crombie is also available as a commentator, interviewer, moderator, facilitator or MC. Many of his roles in these regards are shown in the videos, articles and speeches available on this website. Brian has published both academic articles as well as non-academic articles and is almost finished his DBA thesis on: The role of Social Capital in Innovation Economic Clusters in Times of Financial Duress or Community and the Power of Co.

With Brian's corporate, community & academic experience he is the consummate practitioner-scholar. He is sure to provoke, stimulate, educate and motivate you. Invite Brian Crombie to be your speaker.