๐Ÿ“Œ Featured podcast and featured video will automaticaly be included in the plan if you already have taped an interview with Brian. If you wish to proceed: please email: info@briancrombie.com to arrange for a session on Brian Crombie Radio Hour.
๐Ÿ“Œ Your ads and video will be posted and shared on all social networks that belong to Brian twice a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How will my ads be presented on this website?
You ads will be randomly rotated on every page at all designated to contain ads modules. Rotating means: on refresh or loading a page in a browser.
2How soon will my ads appear on briancrombie.com?
Allows us 24 hours or less to place your ads on all advertising spaces.
3I do not have any banners or ads, how should I proceed?
Provide (upload) your artwork, logo, images during the booking process and we will create your ads free of charge.
4How about social accounts?
Yes, we provide ad posting to all social accounts that we manage for Brian. Your ads will be posted at least twice a week with additional sharing, likes and follows. The tags are also included.
5How will I see the stats?
We will provide a final statistics report at the end of of advertising plan you purchased for each of the modules (spaces) where your ad was placed.